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Progress bar value is not updating in tk

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Example: # create an instance of the progress bar widh an additional label, # the label is packed above (top) of the bar mybar = Progress Bar(master=None, labelside='top') # configure the progress bar with my own width and height, set it to # percent mode, initialize it to 0 (init=1), and add a label # which says 'Read...' mybar.configure(height=150, width=18, init=1, mode='percent', 'labeltext'='Read...') mybar.set(20) # this sets the bar to 20% # now change the mode mybar.configure(mode='absolute', max=200) mybar.set(100) # this sets the bar to 50%, because the mas is now 200 INSTANCIATION: simplest case: instanciate it without any options. THE CONFIGURE METHOD: The progress bar can be configured with many options.Example: mybar = Progress Bar() Additional init options: master: the Tkinter master of this widget. labelside: can be 'left', 'right', 'top', 'bottom' or None. calling the configure without any arguments returns a dict with the current widget configuration.That color will be used until it finds another position/color or runs out of room in the bar.A real value specifying the resolution for the scale.

This text might be a description of the progress percentage, what is currently being done, or even just a label giving the overall task that is progressing.If greater than zero, the scale's value will always be rounded to an even multiple of this value, as will tick marks and the endpoints of the scale.If the value is less than zero, no rounding occurs. max: the max value is used to compute the current percent value (i.e., setting max to 200 and then set the progress bar to 100 will set it tp 50%) progressformat: can be either 'percent' or 'ratio'.'Percent' displays the current value as 'xxx%', 'ratio' displays the current value as 'x/x, like 2/7' granularity: an integer describing at how many % the bar shall update. every 1% the bar redraws) This is onlu usefull when in 'increment' mode.To control the text appearance the following new options will be added: The underlying Tk text rendering engine supports rotated text, which would make support on vertical progress bars possible.