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To make sure you do not have any additional installs start by checking the install path for your Wo W game.Log into the Blizzard App and click on the Blizzard icon in the upper left corner. Select Game Install/Update from the list on the left side. It may have "Warlord of Draenor", "Legion", or another expansion you have installed. In the image the location of the World of Warcraft folder is G:\World of Warcraft.The plugins update process is easy and straightforward.In following sections, we explain how to update bundled and third-party plugins.Now click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner of your addons page. In this case it would be "World of Warcraft Legion".

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However, when you open up World of Warcraft you click on the Add Ons button in the Character Select screen; there's no addons!

Updating plugins and add-ons helps you benefit from the latest functionalities and bug fixes, as well as secure your website against vulnerabilities.

In this article, we explain the different methods of updating bundled/third party plugins and add-ons.

In my opinion, the first option is the easiest and most reliable in the future as it will only take one click to complete.

Also, with this method, we are only relying on one application and that is Downloader, which you can download for free from Amazon App Store.