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Motors, reproducers, tone arms, and other hardware could be purchased from a number of independent manufacturers; the Otto Heineman Phonograph Supply Company in New York was especially important for providing basic parts.
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The person doing the binding is considered "dominant" while the person being bound is considered "submissive." CAN ENTERTAIN AND/OR TRAVEL : Advertiser willing to invite others to their home for swinging and/or willing to travel to your home to swing.

CANING : A spanking fetish employing a light cane usually bamboo or other light wood.

CHEATING: Sexual activity with others without spouse's knowledge and/or consent.

Despite the discovery of Ms Killgore's blood in Perez's car the day after her disappearance, defence attorneys argued that physical evidence was lacking.

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Lopez's attorney, Sloan Ostbye, called her client “the perfect slave” in the triangle and said her role explained why Lopez authored a handwritten letter taking full blame for Ms Killgore's death.

In the letter, Lopez claimed she killed Ms Killgore out of fear that the woman would steal Perez, whom she described as her “master.”“It's not a confession letter, it's an exoneration letter ... Ms Killgore disappeared in April 2012 after borrowing a purple evening gown for the cruise, according to prosecutors.